Document ScanninG

E-Z Scan allows you to experience the benefits of moving beyond paper by migrating your filing cabinets directly into databases without the hassle! As an off-site document conversion solution, E-Z Scan mitigates the costs associated with hardware, software, and the time and labor required to fully digitize documents. Let i/oTrak's document imaging professionals focus on the scanning, so you can concentrate on your organization's core business functions.

Paper Scanning

Let our professionals help convert your paper documents to digital file formats, and experience the superior service of a boutique document management company, servicing the Central Florida area. We cover all areas of document projects using the E-Z Suite of services.


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Paper to Digital Strategy

we index, scan and DELIVER millions of pages per year. Your's are next.

i/o Trak's document scan services specialize in office records: Human Resource, Patient Records, Financial, or Administrative. With a diverse background, we are prepared to take on your project; BIG or small. Using our all-inclusive E-Z Suite of Services, i/o Trak can index records, scan to output formats, and deliver files electronically using secure portals, making the document conversion process E-Z and Simple. Once our team of document imaging professionals begins the conversion process, all documents will be prepped with precision then accurately converted into electronic information. Every file is indexed based upon the client's direction and designed to make documents easily accessible in the intended retrieval solution specified. Converted documents are made available in the client's desired output format after undergoing an extensive quality and validation check.


Product Overview

  • Record Indexing

  • Scan to File (PDF, PDF-OCR, PDF/A, TIFF, JPEG)

  • Departmental Conversion Projects

  • Records Hosting & Electronic Delivery

Digital to Digital Strategy

Electronic Filing

Is your organization using an ECM System, EMR, or E-File Cabinet? If so, then you know how electronic filing can consume valuable resources from your business. We can help! i/o Trak offers a variety of E-Filing services for records management systems and  after thorough planning, our team of professionals can be integrated in to a filing system Full-Time or On-Demand. Get peace of mind knowing your company's filing is up-to-date.  Think about using i/o Trak E-File for: Audits, End of Year Reports, Standards Testing, or others.

Product Overview

  • Electronic System Filing

  • Record Indexing

  • Data Migration

  • Document Analysis

digital to microfilm strategy

Microfilm Scanning

Looking to convert micro-film to digital? We can help! Archive rolls of micro-film today with i/o Trak's microfilm scanning services. Starting with our consultation, i/o Trak document professionals will create a custom project plan just for you!  Our climate controlled storage areas and imaging expertise make i/o Trak a one-stop shop for microfilm projects of all sizes.

  • 35mm,16mm Micro-film to Digital

  • Climate Controlled Storage

  • Scan to File (PDF, PDF-OCR, PDF/A, TIFF, JPEG)

Custom Projects

Together, we can do anything we put our minds to. Contact us today about how we can help you accomplish going paperless goals in your organization.

digital to paper strategy


Personal/Small-Medium Business

Going paperless isn't just for the big boys, and we get that! Paper records play a role in small businesses and daily life as well. Whether its your full-time job, part-time hobby, or just life, we can help convert your records to digital. Get affordable solutions and flexible delivery. Let us scan your documents to DropBox, Box.Com, Evernote, Google-Drive, and more... With the help of our document imaging professionals you can stand-out from the crowd and go paperless!

Product Overview

  • Local Drop-Off/ Pick-up

  • Record Indexing

  • Scan to File (PDF, PDF-OCR, PDF/A, TIFF, JPEG)

  • DropBox, Box.Com, Google-Drive, Evernote, and more...

Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

Looking for a self-service option? Do it with the right equipment and get help along the way, i/o Trak offers DIY solutions to Rent/Buy/Lease a variety of professional document imaging equipment and software to process records of all types. From complicated projects to a simple scan to PDF, this is a great way to go digital.

Product Overview

  • Professional Equipment Rental (Ranges: 30 ppm - 90 ppm)

  • Self-Record Indexing

  • Scan to File (PDF, PDF-OCR, PDF/A, TIFF, JPEG, more...)

  • DropBox, Box.Com, Google-Drive, Evernote, and more...