Web Application

E-Z Send harnesses the power of on-demand management with your documents. The comprehensive secure Web-based Document Imaging service permits inventory view/search of your records, select retrieval options for documents in storage or view/receive of electronically delivered documents.

Leveraged with E-Z Store, E-Z Send ensures reliable access to documents, often faster than available from most on-site file rooms or long-term archive vaults. Finally, E-Z Send saves money and time by not only reducing the document management process right away, but also on into the future with instantaneous secure access from any Internet enabled device.

Record Inventory Access

Keep detailed inventory of your records using i/o Trak's E-Z Send system. Using custom index values, our staff categorizes records to fit your needs! Always know that documents in i/o Trak's E-Z Store secure facility or E-Z Scan production line are accesible anytime, anywhere.

Record Delivery

Get records delivered electronically and securely using E-Z Send. Storage or scanning clients can receive, view, and download documents from their client portal anytime, anywhere. Query record databases using detailed index values designed specifically for your project to make find-ability E-Z.

Warehouse Request System

Request documents for on-demand delivery service from i/o Trak's secure record facility. E-Z Send makes it simple to locate, verify, and request records stored at our location. For more information about our secure storage facility in Orlando, FL, contact us today!