Document Storage

With 85% of business documents in paper form, every organization and many home-based businesses have boxes full of important documents taking up lots of valuable space, but seldomly accessed. Obligations to abide by federal, state, or common-law recordkeeping requirements to make, keep and preserve records for specific periods of time - often stretching into many years or decades - only compounds the problem.

Secure Record Storage

Instead of using floor space for storage, E-Z Store can free up that valuable square footage so it can be utilized. And far from being a self-storage facility, E-Z Store provides a safe, secure environment to store those documents in a cost effective manner that includes a team of document professionals to assist with all your record storage needs. E-Z Store, i/oTrak's document management professionals work with you to carefully organize your documents for fast on-demand access, whenever the need arises.

Scan-On-Demand Filing

Requesting a document is only a mouse click away using E-Z Store's secure online document request tool. Document handlers quickly respond making available whatever is requested, whether it is a full box, a file, or an individual document. i/oTrak has a variety of ways to get the requested documents into your hands promptly and efficiently. One method is to use i/oTrak's E-Z Send system, a secure on-demand scan and online delivery of documents. Another is to deliver the actual physical documents to you using an i/oTrak courier, pick-up by you at our facility, or via a network of supply chain and transportation providers.

Records Inventory Management

Using index record databases, i/o Trak's E-Z Store can track, audit, and manage document storage requirements (Healthcare, Financial, Legal Retentions). Customized index fields also provide the ability to query records in the E-Z Send Client Portal.